Why You Should Work With Me

The single most compelling reason I can offer you to choose me as your designer is the strength of my previous work. Browse the galleries of work below that relate to your needs and then contact me to discuss your upcoming design projects.

Browse Identity/Branding Gallery

Identity pieces are among my favorite projects as a designer. To clearly define the nature of a business or individual in such a way that a passing glance can convey the message to the casual observer is the primary goal. Working in terms of "the essence of" as opposed to "the anthology of" is one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences in the design process.

Browse Print Media Gallery

Print media is where I have the most experience. I have designed posters, flyers, catalogs and brochures, trade show booth graphics, large format signs, album packaging, themed marketing campaigns, postcards, etc.

Browse Web/Digital Gallery

When it comes to web/digital design, my strength is in planning and site mapping prior to initiation of the design process. I have extensive experience in project management of websites, including some creative technologies which lie on the cutting edge of innovative solutions. I know CSS and HTML, and I have a strong background in building HTML email campaigns, website skinning and animated GIFs. I also have some experience with illustration, both by hand and with digital platforms.

Browse Information Architecture Gallery

In addition to traditional design, I have many years of experience with project planning and project management. Having a background in residential drafting, my approach to information architecture is different in that I choose to start the communication process with site maps, charts and diagrams rather than wire frames. I have found that this approach is useful in communicating to stakeholders who may have less familiarity with web design because most of them have looked at a house plan or a property brochure before. The core purpose of a graphic designer is clear communication, and visual aids are often the strongest tool. I apply this concept to my business document preparation, as well.


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