About Me

Lindy Dobbins

I am mainly interested in print and web design projects and other opportunities in the realm of graphic design (branding/identity, project management, etc), but I have also been sought out in recent years for my residential drafting and design skills, and I am open to discussing opportunities within that realm, as well.

I have skills in several different arenas – I have worked primarily as a designer and a project manager for new creative technologies, but I also have many years of experience in sales and residential drafting (drawing house plans). To some, having such a varied skill set may seem scattered, but in truth, each of my specialities inform the others in very meaningful ways.

I worked in residential drafting in high school and throughout college while earning my graphic design degree (which is also when I gained some experience in sales). The truth is that residential drafting is fundamentally just a highly specialized form of graphic design, and the two disciplines are actually quite similar — both require extreme attention to detail, a standard for excellence in visual communication, strong deductive reasoning skills and software proficiencies, and both benefit greatly from solid planning in the early stages.

You may view my portfolio page to see examples of my recent work, and my resume is also available for download here should you wish to review my work history in greater detail.

Even boring can be beautiful.
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